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With These Eyes - Step Sheet

With These Eyes

Choreographer:     Darren Bailey (Wales) and Niels B. Poulsen (Denmark)

Date:                     2nd of December 2005

Type of dance:      32 counts, 2 walls, Night Club line dance (slow, quick, quick, slow…)

Level:                    Intermediate line dance

Music:                   ‘With these eyes’ by Roch Voisine (58 bpm)

Intro:                      Start on the word EYES right when Roch Voisine starts singing ‘With these eyes’ at the beginning of the song


1 - 8        Nightclub basic left, ¼ R with sweep, cross, ¼ turn L x 2, ½ turn L x 2, ¼ turn L stepping into basic R

1             Step long step to L side

2&3         close R behind L, cross L over R, turn ¼ R stepping fw on R sweeping L in front of R

4&5         cross L over R, turn ¼ L stepping back on R, turn ¼ L stepping fw on L

6&7         turn ½ L stepping back on R, turn ½ turn L stepping fw on L, turn ¼ L stepping long step to R side

8&           close L behind R, cross R over L


9 - 16      A half diamond fallaway, rock fw L, walk back L, R, cross, unwind full turn L

1             Step long step to L side

2&3         cross R diagonally behind L (facing 7:30), continue moving diagonally backwards stepping back on L, turn 1/8 R stepping R to R side (facing 9:00)

4&5         cross L diagonally over R (facing 10:30), continue stepping diagonally fw on R, turn 1/8 L rocking forward on L foot (facing 9:00)

6&7         recover back on R, step back on L, step back on R

8&           cross L behind R, unwind full turn over your L shoulder (weight on R foot)


17-24      Sweep L, step L behind R, side R, cross rock, & cross rock, & ¼ R fw, cross walk L and R

1             Sweep L behind R

2&3         cross L behind R, step R to R side, cross rock L over R foot

4&5         recover weight back to R, step small step L to L side, cross rock R over L foot

6&7         recover weight back to L foot, turn ¼ R stepping fw on R, cross walk L over R

8             cross walk R over L


25-32      Cross walk L over R, weave L, & sweep L, step L behind R, turn ¼ R, step fw L, step fw R, ½ turn L, step fw R, step fw L, turn ½ R, (+ turn ¼ R)

1             Cross walk L over R

2&3&      cross R over L, step L to L side, cross R behind L & sweep L behind R

4&5         cross L behind R, turn ¼ R stepping fw on R, step fw L

6&7         step fw on R, turn ½ turn L stepping fw on L, step fw on R

8&           step fw on L, turn ½ turn R stepping fw on R and turn ¼ R on your R foot (face 6:00)


Tag:  After your 5th wall (when facing your 6 o’clock wall) there’s a 2 count tag. Do this:

1-2          Sway L and R, ending with weight on R being ready to start with your L basic step

OR the little harder option:

1-2          Cross L over R, unwind a full turn over your R shoulder keeping the weight on your R foot



On your 7th wall the music fades out. Your 7th wall starts facing 12:00.

Do the first 8 counts of the dance. When starting your half diamond fallaway only do count 9, then cross R behind L and unwind ½ turn R to face the front again. Take a bow to the audience!



> Tilbage til Step Sheets Udgivet: 01-11-2006
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